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Toshimi, is a group company which is the first proposer to care for wellness and fitness industry in China. We are unique company whose business is related to both sports engineering and the wellness and fitness equipments production. In the professional ranking for China sports industries, we are top five and China well-known brand.

We are engaged in a worldwide sunrise industry, focusing on wellness and fitness products professionally. 

With the guidance of the well-known industry experts from home and abroad, we pay attention to R&D high-grade, high-precision, and advanced projects of sports equipments, known as Shandong sports science research center and incubators base of technological achievements.

Being powerful in talents, technology developing, production managing and marketing team, having 15-30 years’ industry experience.

Great variety of products, divided into high, middle and low end, which can meet the needs of different buyers, to make one-stop buying.

Consultative style for selling, which can provide professional and qualified services for customers.

Fast response and reply, which help buyers to capture the market opportunities.

Experienced in exporting, paying attention to details, being good at communicate with customers.

Pay attention to the quality and performance with selected material.

According to customers’ requirements, make the customerized products 

Advantageous location, lies in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province. Loading port is Qingdao Port.



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